Born on the 5th of may 1963, graduated in architecture at the university of Florence. From 93 to 94 he studied for his masters degree: integrated planning and quality control in planning process, organized by CEE in collaboration with the region of Tuscany.

In 95 he began work at a well known studio in Arezzo where he gained great experience planning single mark shops for Prada: from the development of idea to the realisation, over the studies of the prototypes, controls at the construction site and on-the-spot investigations for the artistic supervision of the work.

In 98 he assumed the task as a project manager for the far east area. in 02 he founded BARTOLINI STUDIO and started to collaborate with companies such as COCCINELLE, FORNARINA, Malo, Moiselle, the INGHIRAMI group, ITIERRE and ANCI (associazione calzaturieri italiani) and create projects in Italy and abroad. In 2005 he became co-founder of BARTOLINI/LANZI ARCHITECTS.



Born on the 5th of November 1963, graduated in architecture at the university of Florence. From 92 to 95 he worked as an assistant at the chair of design and survey.

In 95 he worked at a well known studio in Arezzo, for which he planned and developed boutiques in Italy and abroad. in 2000 he became a partner of this studio and associates. During the years he contributed to the creation of the image for the following stores: RUFFO, MOISELLE, COMBIPEL, and GIRARD PERREGAUX.

At the same time he followed the planning of several commercial spaces as MENRICO NEW YORK, RASPINI FIRENZE, HELME’ CATANIA , SAN CARLO TORINO, FOLLI FOLLIE VERONA. In 03 he designed the installation for the setting up of the exhibition “notizie dall’interno – padiglione Italia” at the architectural biennial of Venice. in 2005 he is became co-founder of BARTOLINI/ LANZI ARCHITECTS.